Saturday, April 2, 2016

Regret and Guilt

If you would rather regret than feel guilt.. You actually are very guilty for all that you have done in the past.
And if you would rather be guilty and never have to regret.. You have probably have had a lot of regrets in the past!
Instead of choosing one over the other.. Just be aware of what you say and do and not be guilty of the regrets or regretful of any guilt!
Guilt or Regret is just an afterthought or after feeling what we should have felt about what we did, when we did it, if we were aware of it. Guilt or Regret just tells us we have become aware of what we did...It is not a medicine or a prevention of anything. The awareness that comes with it is the medicine and prevention for all future deeds.
We cannot undo what has been done by offering any kind of apologies or substitutes when we feel guilt or regret. It cannot give closure. Closure comes when awareness is understood and helps not to repeat the same pattern again. 

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