Saturday, April 16, 2016

Addictive Pain

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When one is too long in one state. That state becomes his comfort zone.

Will try to explain how it happens using simple laws of physics and energy

Why is it that joy isn't addictive? Actually being in a state of happiness is largely by choice, we don't want to be unhappy, it is not desired to be unhappy, we can say it is a state of free will.
On the other hand being unhappy is not a decision that one makes, we are unhappy because something happened to us, fate perhaps dealt us a fatal blow.

When we are happy, we tend to be positive, have abundant energy, the feeling of being at the top of the world, it is a high state, all we need to do to be sad is just fall off that state.

We all know falling off requires no extra energy, so our energy is there but unused so far. In the beginning we might try to "Hang On". This "Hang on" slowly depletes us of all the abundant energy we felt earlier on in the state of happiness.

If we are able to pull back from the "Hang on" state we revert back to being where we were, that is back to the happy state.

But if we are unable to pull back, we keep moving down and into the deep abyss of pain. Energy is depleted completely.

The force of gravity helps with the downward spiral. After we have reached that state of perpetual pain, we have no more energy to pull back from that state.

We stay in the sad state and the pain then becomes an addiction.  

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