Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why did Betty lose?

Why did Betty lose out to Veronica?

Betty was nice sweet girl next door, the girl every son would want to take home to his mother.
Dependable and caring and most importantly always available!

She has eyes ears and nose only for Archie, she had empathy for every one but she loved only one.
And this putting all her eggs in one basket was her fatal flaw.

She was tooo boring for Archie, he didn't get the kick of a challenge when it came to Betty, she should have scorned him a bit, just showed him the door or said NO to him once in a while, which would have gotten him the hots for her.

But, alas the sweet girl she was, she didnt have the nerve or the heart to behave that way with her beloved Archie.

I had decided long time back that I was never going to be a Betty. A Betty will always be a doormat, and too boring, always available is too boring.

Now, let me see this from Betty's perspective. Why did she go after Archie?
The same thing no? He didn't give a damn about her? He was nice and sweet to her, but he didn't make her feel special.
He did care for her too, but face the fact, he didn't have the hots for her, and Betty could have had any other, there were some who had the hots for her, but she wanted the same thing. Some thrill and zing with a person with whom she had to add an extra effort to catch his attention.

The effort I am talking about is not about being dependable and available for that person!
On the contrary it means to be aloof a bit, arrogant and proud a bit.
Someone who is like Veronica!!
Yes, be yourself, live for yourself, and seek your own pleasure above anyone else.
No matter how much you love that person, never let him or her know you are available for him.
No matter how much one can crave for that perfect relationship, where two souls are like one, where one breathes and the other lives, where one eats and the other is full.
This doesn't happen and if it happens, you want to clutch it with both hands and the further then it goes away from you.
Face it, its next to impossible, so if it happens you are one in a million, but most of us aren't that lucky.

I have a bit of advice for the Betty's out there, if you are one, get rid of that attitude, because the world is not fit for Bettys. You will be used and discarded and termed too boring or too plain Jane!!

As my mom told me, this happens only in movies and stories and in real life, it is like bubbles of water, so fragile that it breaks with as much as just a touch!!

Am I glad I made the right choice!!

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  1. great advice of love guru.....:p

    i guess that works most of the times :)