Sunday, July 16, 2017

The body knows..

My daughter said to me, how is this phrase?
"I found myself when he found me."

I said yes that happens when you are not aware of all your good and bad qualities yourself.
what happens is when someone highlights your good qualities you light up especially when you know it to be true too deep within. For example you know all along you aren't bad looking but your step mother always made you feel so but someone comes along who finds you good looking then you see he sees in you what is her truest self. His praises should not be exaggeration for then deep within you would know he is also faking. Reason why, not all flattery gets to us, only the genuine ones do touch is deep inside.

Similar thing happens when someone gaslights us by giving us negative vibes about us. He or she may say or make us feel ugly or not good enough, but if we know what we are inside we wont try to prove ourselves because we are comfortable in our own skin. but if we take offense simply because we believe we are not ugly we would be lying to ourselves if we really were not that good looking.
lying to self will always be taken negatively by the body, in time the results will show. the body will never try to make itself look better.

But on the other hand if someone makes us feel ugly and we ain't, and we feel ugly, the body will try to prove otherwise by making the person more and more prettier!!
So the body knows it always...

End of the day. the balancing act by nature continues!

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