Monday, April 10, 2017

Why am I an atheist.

Islam could be good enough.. and for that matter, so do the rest of the religions of the world. To me religion is supposed to be a rule book. Animals don't have any religion, perhaps they don't need to follow rules. But if you watch them carefully, each animal has certain rules it follows. The rules are related to survival and sexual. These two are the basic instincts of every living thing.
I have deliberated a lot on religion and if I am going to be driven by it, basically driven by heaven and hell, which I know works on the human greed and fear. I decided I would rather work from love and respect. I do things if I love or respect it and I try to do it unconditionally.
So far, being an atheist has helped me clear my mind and made me into a better and more tolerant person than I ever was. Just changing the premise on which I based my life upon has been key in my progress. It works for me to be not attached to any religion. Maybe for many others religion is the dose they need to get on with their lives easily..
I am Ok if they are Ok and they should be Ok if I am Ok.

Added on 14 April 2017

[14/04, 7:32 am] Shazia: Atheism or theism..both are being black and white and judging is something i dont do. Calling names is not my thing. But i condemn harming someone. If a atheist harms anyone i would condemn it just the same.
[14/04, 7:35 am] Shazia: But between the two evils, for i am always choosing between two evils that i have to choose from, in order to get thru life, i choose the lesser evil and for me atheism is a lesser evil by far. Even if religion is a good thing, one thing is for sure, am not believing in any one religion. Therefore for me all God Allah Bhagwan would be same.

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