Monday, June 13, 2016

On Cindrella

I have written about how a girl should be raised not as a princess but like that of Cindrella and thats precisely how she will be worthy of a prince and live happilly everafter.
When I wrote about this, all I had in mind was that girl should be hard working and should be aware of alll her responsibilities and learn all that makes a good woman. But when I was writing about it, I never once thought of how she should be made aware of how she should be feeling about things..about people..about life...
I was watching the movie Cindrella on some English movie channel the other day. I saw that Cindrella despite all the hardahips that she faced.. she wasnt a negative person..she was a cheerful girl. She never nursed any hatred. She sang songs while she worked. She was always good to people who put her in misery. She was hopeful for everything. Even in the end, after the Prince found her, she didnt take the hatred of her stepmother with her.She forgave her before she left her house, she freed herself from her feelings for the stepmother.
It might seem to many of us, that when she forgave her stepmother, the mother was left unpunished for all the sins she committed on the poor girl, but its not so, the best punishment for the evil is to actually forgive them and free ourselves for our own sake!
Reward the self before setting out to punish someone.. The deeds of the evil are enough to punish them.
And so I learnt that Cindrella was not just a hard working servant girl, she had the bestest heart and mind befitting a queen.! 

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