Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Super Baby

I had two kids in my twenties just within the first couple of years into marriage.
The first two kids were raised according to the elders of my family. My babies were born normal which is a miracle nowadays considering the numbers of cesarean babies being born all the time. I was told to breastfeed them and bottle feed them simultaneously since it so happens that purely breastfed babies give a traumatic time to mothers and are not easily weaned off. Giving in to instructions and assurances by the experienced, I did as I was bid. My first daughter was easily weaned off within the first 6 months and my second son was weaned off within a year.

I did everything else, the massages and the immunizations with the eagerness of a new parent. That they should get into school at the right time and learn all the colors and the alphabets and know how to speak English before they learned their own language.

While I was doing all this, my inner voice kept questioning me and making me feel like a traitor. How can I be a traitor to my own mother tongue and give preference to a foreign language and then expect my kids to grow up as self respecting adults. I don't know, I felt contradicted and torn! This was one of many things inside which was gnawing at my mind.
My kids are healthy kids but they are normal kids and despite my best efforts of doing the right things at the right time for them, they have not become what I would love to call a Super Baby.

Three and a half years ago, I had my third child. Now, this time too, I was bombarded with the do's and do not's by the elders. But this time, I had decided to hear all but listen to myself. I went back to the golden age when there were no medicines and no immunizations and the feeding bottle was not invented. I decided I will imagine a world where these things did not exist, and bring up my baby accordingly.

I breastfed my child for 3 years. She cried and exhausted me with her continuous cries for more and more, but I had no option to give her milk in any other form as in my world, the feeding bottle did not exist. The supplies did increase even if it took time. Obviously, there was no powder substitute like Lactogen or Cerelac also in my mind. When she was old enough to chew, she was introduced to fruits and whole grains and I gave her the same food I ate. No baby foods and no pampering. She was oiled and massaged well though, with different oils to help her to strengthen her bones and muscles.
Doesn't she have a naughty smile?

She is a strong baby, rarely falls sick, but even when she does I wait for a good 3 days to let her come out of it on her own and don't give her any medicine. Some people have accused me of being a cruel mom. I spend time with her, wiping her forehead with cold pressed towel and talk to her when she has a fever, and I give her lots of hugs and love. This is how I cure her. Thankfully she has always recouped well enough with my nursing of her back to health.

I haven't even put her to any playschool, and don't even bother to teach her anything. But she has been like a sponge gathering a lot of information and understanding of her own free will!! She has started to ask questions and to which I give her answers and the answers she remembers well, even if I have told her about it only once. I cant lie to her when I am going out because she remembers everything I tell her so well. I let her have all the fun in the bath and let her enjoy the water, let her walk barefoot and let her get all dirty in the garden. She takes showers even if it is zero degrees in winter. She eats by herself and sits with all of us at the dining table and eats on a plate which is not a baby plate. She even helps me around the house, she knows how to broom and dust and make the bed!! You better believe me! Here is a video I uploaded on you tube while she was at it!!

My parents and parents in law are a little worried because of the way I am bringing her up. I seriously am contemplating whether or not to send her to school and would it really benefit her?
As of now, she has a sharp memory and a keen mind with a perfect immune system inside her body which does not need any medication. She dances to songs and knows scores of songs and nursery rhymes which she has picked on her own. She is definitely what I would call a Super Baby and I have not worked even half as hard as I did on my older kids.

If most of us, develop the patience to raise up our kids like this, soon we will have a stronger, healthier and more immune India. Don't run off to the doctor at the sight of a cough or a sneeze or a temperature. let the body fight it on its own. We are one of the best of the creations and when animals don't need supplements and medications why do we?

I just let her be....herself!! let them all remain naturally fit!!


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