Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cup or prize?

My kids are having their final exams. My son came back from school today and I asked him the usual," How was the paper?" he replied that it was fairly easy.

Now last quarter my son had been rather good and was awarded with full marks in his General Knowledge test. This got my aspirations and hopes higher for him. Now I want him to get full marks in all his subjects.
I always ask him after the end of each test, "full marks?"
He tried to explain to me that the GK marks he got was because that particular test was quite easy, and he added that almost all the boys scored well in that GK one, though only he got full, and just because he got it once doesn't mean he will get it all the time.
:( So much for my hopes.

 He further explained to me that it is one thing to get a prize in sports and another to get it in academics. He said that in sports, one got the prize at the end of the day and the prize is so sought after like the world cup and everyone wants to touch it. While in academics, one gets it after the end of a year of slogging and that too, it is a small prize comparatively and most probably a book!

I was dumbfounded! these kids come out with the most logical explanations at times..

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