Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why is silence golden?

If silence is golden? Why do we say it?

A lot of times I have noticed that we speak to hear ourselves.
Is it because we need to convince ourselves and hence the need to say it aloud!
Look into the mirror and say (maybe lie) "hey you are good!" and you feel good instantly, thats the power of words!

I have noticed young girls and boys need to say they love each other all the time. Parents love their kids too, and unconditionally , but parents dont need to express it in words all the time..a child is always secured about the love of their parents!
Saying is like "advertising" and when said, it brings down the sincerity of whatever is said and expressed!
Why do we need to say it? When you love somebody show it..(actions speak louder than words) be by them when they need you the most. Saying is the most easiest and perhaps the most popular way of expression!

Men and women have different constitutions, men being more practical and women being more emotional. this is the reason why men dont express their love as often as women. But aint the men doing it everyday .. earning and working hard for their family is equivalent to loving their family.. But all women want are the three words.. I love you!

"What you do speaks so loudly that I can hardly hear what you say" by Ralph Waldo Stevenson
A friend (who calls himself dull) said that he prefers to be considered dumb rather than opening his mouth and confirming it!
I read somewhere that we should try to say sweet words because we might have to eat them in the future.. would anyone like to eat bitter?
Its simply saying that we should say as much as we can hear!

I feel that words are said when actions just fail!
Would you say it if you meant it?

A line/phrase has more impact than a paragraph/page,
A word much more than a line/phrase,
can you imagine the impact of silence!!

A lot is said rather than done!
What would you like, saying it or doing it?


  1. Great thoughts...Shazia!
    Should not have said the above statement,if I understood the words in your post!

  2. I still feel, if i like some thing i will first say it, then show my actions too.

    It may not be all that i really feel, but at least a part of it.

    Thanks Shazia for your words and i hope u realize the effects it has, my words are insufficient.