Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why is the other side greener?

You want things you dont get
you get things you dont want;
When you get what you want
you dont want it anymore;
Thats life..

While grazing grass, the animals move deeper into the fields.
The grass looks so green and fresh on the other side.

While in a relationship, either couple move towards newer partners.
There comes a time in marriage or live-ins that both of them get fed up of each other.

After buying anything we soon find out something better has come in the market.
We soon loose value of what we have and want the next "IN" thing asap.

Then we tend to leave what we have and go on to other things, people, grass.

In this fast moving world, has the old adage lost its meaning? "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!"

Why do we want more and more? Whay cant we be satisfied with what we have.

I have found that what is with me is not my pride but its surely the neighbours envy ( sorry copied from the onida ad)

When we come to know that the neighbours envy what we have then we are a bit more contented.

Is our happiness relative to the pain of our neighbours?

Why do we buy things which we dont need but only because others have it?

I guess the only good it does is to spur the growth of the economy, but at what cost ?

In the good olden days, one house had one car, one tv with one national channel, even one toilet.

No one cribbed then , there were more joint families then than now!
What is the world coming to ?
What will the outcome of this be?
What kind of life are we teaching the children to lead?
Anyone answers??

I have one answer which a friend kindly obliged me with, which is, that we have started evaluating ourselves based on what we have (consume) rather than what we do (produce). The more we spend the better we feel. In economics this nature is called, "Conspicuous consumption" which means spending lavishly on expensive things, not for self use but more for the display of wealth, to show our capability of consuming more!!!


  1. The elders could overule the youngsters in this lavish expenditure of things we do not need , or because the neighbour has it, but the young ones are the bread winners,they cannot be over ruled.

    It is this that has caused many a nuclear family to get things aplenty.

  2. yes i agree with you... we are scared of the "future" bread winners.