Monday, August 17, 2009

Money Honey

Its all about money ... Honey

Bet everyone has heard about this. Now most people say "Money is the root cause of all evil"
both statements quite contradictory in meaning. Everyone loves money but everyone would be ashamed to say so openly because money is considered evil.
To go deeper we must first understand the fundamentals of money.
Money wasnt there when the human race started, it came into being much later. I think it is one of the most sought after inventions by mankind
True, God made Man but Man made Money.
(here i would like to add that women are like money, apart from sharing the same number of letters they share some same propertes too, evil being one of them, also rhyming with honey which is usually addressed to women)
Now what i find interesting here is that i want to know is who made the most superior thing ?
Is Man more superior or Money more superior?
Man minus money is equal to a big zero.
Money minus Man is still money
We can also compare money to marriage and the adage "shaadi ka laddo jo khaye woh pachtaye aur jo a khaye woh bhi pachtaye"
If one doesnt have money one loses sleep for it and when one has money one loses sleep over it.
I am still digging ...


  1. It is all about money, honey is a good article. I must also say it was quite funny(rhyming) too!!! Man makes money for the woman in his life and woman was made out of a rib from man(if ancient stories are to be believed). So Man minus Money = Zero according to you. Man + Woman = Money. Is not that funny!!!

  2. I equated man and money not man and woman,but you know what, A life without wife is like fifty without five .

  3. Are you interested in reading a better example on Money???

  4. yes Aashish, I am interested and i have so many ideas but yet to pen them down, by the way i cant access your blog and i like your way of analysing by taking history into account, are you a regular trader?